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Re:Salt & ich etc

> Kevin Reavis
> Burlington, NC

Well rather than salting, why not use the stand med's for ich? They do no
harm to plants, but folks have added salt to their planted tanks in the past
and said they had no adverse effects etc. A teaspoon per 10 gallon's should
do any harm to most plants. But neither would the med's.
I've never been to impressed with folks that say 86+F is better or not for
Discus as a permanent temperature. Mine seemed fine at 82F for a few years,
high light, KH5.5, GH9 etc. They got fed well, but I never had any issues.
Raising the temp's up is a common method large aquarium owners, public
aquariums etc use to get rid if ich. But, it's easy to use med's also.
That's what I'd do and try to coddle them on live food first then wean them
off little by little as they get fatter and healthier etc. I'd just pass the
salt idea and go straight to medication specific treatment, it's cheap and
easy and much easier to dose, easier on plant life etc.
Tom Barr