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Re: New Discus

Tom Wood has professed his love:
"Aw, that's sweet James, I love you too. (Now stop humping my leg.)"

Hahahahha! Get over it Tom. I don't care how much societal attitudes have
changed, some things are better left in private...<g>

And that was your leg? Hmmmm, I guess it _was_ a bit big to be anything

Now, on to the real substance of your post. I know how "practice" and
"theory" differs in this hobby, as in anything else, and I've been as guilty
as anyone regarding ignoring common sense procedures when it has been too
much bother to do so. But that doesn't make it right, nor does it mean that
I would suggest that someone else, especially someone with less experience,
do the same. Its far better to give them the "standard line", and back it up
with sound reasons than to just suggest that they take a shortcut that has
caused probably every one of us problems over the years. At least then, they
will know what they might be letting themselves in for if they cut corners.

Good advice, like medicine, doesn't always taste good.

James Purchase