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Pearling after a watcr change

There's little doubt in my mind it's caused by CO2 in the tapwater; whether
it comes from a well (like mine) or a municipal water supply, it's saturated
with O2 and CO2 bacause of the pressure it's under.

Way back in the late 80s on alt.aquaria I wondered out loud why people
didn't use a yeast
culture to generate CO2, probably in response to George Booth spendinf
another few
grand of some gadget :-)

Ok, so here's the 20 year (!) update: I change water with a 50 foot python hose
thingy; I turn the petcok closed at the tank and, run the water and when it's
at the right temp, let it go into the hose whereupon I run to the tank and
release the petcock. The water that comes out is white because of all the
gases which are supersaturated in solution because of the pressure.

So I'm wondering why nobody has rigged up a "free CO2" thing by letting
a water supply go into a 50' hose to pressureze then releasing it into the
tank 1 - 4 times a day. The biggest problem I see to this is how to empty
the hose once it's discharged so you fill it with air so the next batch of
water dissolves it under pressure. Other that that it would seem to be a
cleaner approach than yeast.

I get significant pearling every time I change water this way - lasts a few


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