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RE: Salt, Ich & Quarantine

I appreciate the advice regarding quarantine - I have never used a
quarantine tank and it certainly would have made a difference as everything
was fine until I introduced the new batch of Hatchets a few days ago and the
ich came along the next day.  I have sucessfully kept Discus and plants for
over 10 years without using quarantine and have not had to deal with ich
before now.  I credit that to good tank management, frequent regular water
changes + an average maintained temperature of 86F  and some luck. Since it
looks like my luck run out, I intend to include quarantine as part of the
process from now on.  I usually learn the hard way, only this time my fish
are paying the price for my increase in knowledge, and that stresses me
tremendously (hope i don't develop ich:)

However - all of that said - no one responded to my original question
regarding plants and their tolerance for salt - which I am still curious
about.  I have spent over 2 hours reading most all of the prior posts
regarding salt and the opinions are all over the place, most are from
several years ago, and most had to do with using salt on an ongoing
permanent basis for specific types of fish.

Has anyone had any experience treating planted tanks with salt on a short
term basis for "medication purposes"?  If so, how much, how long & how did
the plants fair through the process?

James, I appreciate your passion and obvious knowledge of our hobby - but
this is a hobby.  Most of us have learned through trial and error and from
each other.  Our resources and life circumstances are all different and
directly impact the level of intensity and time that each of us is able to
apply to the wonderful world of fish-keeping.  There was no reason for you
to belittle me - I hope that was not what you intended.  I did need your
advice, I didn't need the condescending lecture. Just the same, I appreciate
your help.  Thank you.

Kevin Reavis
Burlington, NC