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Chemical Names

I think these are dumb questions, especially this first one, but I am going 
to ask them anyway because I need help!

1. Is iron chelate the stuff you would use to dose iron? About how much 
would you add to a 72 gallon tank, and how often? I do not have an iron test 

2. I, too, have been beta testing Seachem's Flourish Nitrogen (FN) and see a 
definate difference between using KNO3 and using the Seachem product - a 
particular type of brownish algae shows up when I use the KNO3, and retreats 
in the face of the FN. But I am not crazy about adding liquids - I tend to 
spill. The FN is a combination of ammonium and nitrate. Could I use ammonium 
nitrate, or is it toxic to fish? And does anyone know about how much I would 
dose in a 72 gallon, and how often?

The tank has 220W and compressed gas CO2 25-30ppm.


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