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Re: Pearling after water change

It is real easy to find out.  Turn off your light, do the water change.  Turn on the light and see if the pearling is there.  Real pearling should not be there since photosynthesis wasn't running before you turn on the light.  False pearling should be there since light has nothing to do with it.  Municiple water is often pressurized to get to high elevation.  Most gas has higher solubility in water when its partial pressure is increased.  So when you put that water in your tank, the water is supersaturated with all kinds of gas (including CO2), so it may be real pearling because of the increase in CO2 concentration or false pearling because all the supersaturated nitrogen and oxygen want to get out of the water.  
How can you do it more consistently?  More CO2.  If you do not care about the fish, you can experiment with dumping carbonated water into your tank.  Your plants will pearl and bubble like no tomorrow with in minutes.  
For the folks who still do DIY/yeast system, I developed a receipe for making 1000 ppm carbonated water cheap($0.01 per 2 liter), I also developed a daily dosing device that use an airpump as the pumping mechanism.  So you can deliver x amount of dissolved CO2 (no reactor needed) in y amount of time.  I am selling it on aquabid for $15.00/50 gallon(tank size), but I will let the member of this list have it for $10.00/50 gallon (tank size). 

>every so often I see a reference to "plants bubbling like crazy after a 

>water change" on this list & others. I have noticed this behavior myself - 

>even in tanks with plants which never pearl at other times. 


>Is this really pearling, or is this just dissolved CO2 (or other gasses) 

>coming off the plant leaves? 


>If it is pearling, what can I do to make it happen between water changes? 


>- -Rachel 



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