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Re: algae and pic's

> Chemical & Water values: http://user.tninet.se/~nuz246a/values.htm

Well, some NO2 and no PO4.
Do you have a good size filter on the tank?
Adding PO4 would help.
Seeing what the pH does over the course of a whole day cycle might help
Test at night before the lights go out and when they come on in the morning.
Compare to the pH/KH/CO2 table.

> How do I get rid of these algea?

Well, I tend to do a number of things to reduce /remove algae.
Herbivores, Otto's, Shrimps etc in high density, what you have likely
doesn't do much for a 540 l tank.
Manually remove, prune off the algae.
Water changes, good plant nutrients.
Don't neglect the tank, keep up regular maintenance and nutrient levels
because if you don't, you'll get algae if you use CO2 etc.

> Are my water values terribly wrong?

No. PO4 should not be 0 though for more than a day or two. You might
consider adding it once you are sure about your NO3 and CO2 levels.

You have 3 at least species of algae, BBA, Oedogonium and a green hair.
Things are out of line pretty good if you have these all growing.
The types can tell you somewhat what went on etc but the "cure" is almost
always the same old thing when dealing with algae.

All are relatively easy to deal with and get rid off if good water
parameters are kept up on and you are actively removing the algae or using
herbivores. Green water requires other methods, blackout etc although
herbivores can easily wipe out GW if given some time. But fish eat these
herbivores generally.
> Upon returning from my vacation I found my tank overgrown with long threads of
> green algea.
> After a 4 day blackout and severe pruning (IE. just kept the tops and
> replanted them) they soon returned.
> Now I can't get rid of them :-(

First you need to prune, then do the water change etc, then see what is
wrong with the nutrients and CO2. Correct that right after the water change.
You are doing a lot of water changes daily. You'll need to add nutrients
back after each change.
I'd do a 40% 2 x a week routine or once a week routine 50-60%.
If you did the 2x a week routine you will not need to dose during the rest
of the week at all.
Daily water changes will not do much for Discus. Folks recommend it to keep
MH4/NO3 levels down. Plant tanks have low NO3 (absent NH4) generally

Java ferns do very well in my tanks, I keep the CO2 high(20-30ppm),
NO3(2-10ppm), PO4-(0.5ppm -1.0ppm), K-(20-40ppm), Traces- I add 5mls to 20
USA gallons depending on the light intensity, yours is low so 2x a week is
fine. The 5mls/20 USA gallons is based on Tropica master grow or SeaChem
Flourish/Flourish iron(5:1 ratio). I do not trust test kits nor the water
column to indicate plant uptake or need for iron. I have enough reasons
which are detailed here in the archives on that issue.

Tom Barr 
> Lighting is 8 * 36 W on 12 h
> Tank is 540 L and I change 100 L / night.
> population is
> 8 discus
> ottos
> 12 cardina japonica (I think)
> corys
> tetras
> 6 large yellow snails
> /Greger - Still in T-shirt in warm and sunny Sweden