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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #324

Hi everyone,
I set up a new 90 gal tank about 60 days ago and it is progressing well
except for a little hair algea and slightly cloudy water - just running the
normal course.  I am about to receive a shipment of discus from Mike Wells
of "A Discus Dream" and he recommends the following for acclamating my new
fish.  I have no experience using "salt" and the temp seems extreme.  I
would like some input from those of you who know - how is this going to
affect my plants? Right now my tank is loaded with most of the
"fast-growing" bunch plants, some jungle val and a few swords + corys,
hatchets & SAE's.
Temp 84, PH6.8, KH4, GH3 & DIY CO2 - and i am just finishing treatment for
an outbreak of ich - i used "Maracide" - I have 1 more day to treat.  Please
read his comments below and let me know what you think:

From Mike Wells:
Prior to receiving your new fish you should increase your aquarium
temperature that will be housing your new discus to 88-90 degrees. Increase
aeration and add one tablespoon of salt per 10 gallons of tank water. The
tank should be kept like this for the next 2 weeks after your discus’
arrival, while you replace the appropriate amount of salt during water
changes. After two weeks, if they look like they are doing well, you can
lower the tank temperature to eighty-six to eighty-eight degrees, and quit
adding salt to the water changes.

Kevin Reavis
Burlington, NC

PS - to George Booth:  The counter flow canister for the CO2 did the trick.
I took the airstones away from the powerheads and put them all under the
canister and I had PH of 6.8 within several hours.  You taught an old dog a
new trick - thanks for the wisdom!