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Re: T8 Ballast

Caleb wrote:
FYI for people that are interested,
I called and found out the ballast factor is 1.3 for four 32w T8's.
 That means if you only use three bulbs or even two, the ballast factor
will be much higher than 1.3 as Wayne said.

The ballast factor is probably not a lot higher as you reduce the number of
lamps. On the 4 x 32 ballast I measured a 20% increase in light output per
lamp when I went from 4 to 2 lamps. Four T8 lamps run at 1.3 will produce
enough light to make a 60 gallon tank a high light tank. If you are lighting
a larger tank and want high light you will have to buy an additional ballast
but not necessarily more lamps.