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Re:Buletin Board - or -What's in Site for Aquaria

Omar Khatib Wants to know:

> What do I need to do to get people to use my Bulletin
> Board? It's free.<<

Begging helps! :) There are many boards out there and many with little
traffic. It can be very difficult to get an unknown board going, which is
what kept me from having one for a long time. My site generates a lot of
traffic on its own, and having gotten to know many people over the last few
years, it was easier for me to invite them to participate. I also found
people who wanted to get involved in helping to organize and administrate
it. These people also attracted others.  People frequent a forum if they
feel there is enough qualified people there who will answer their questions.
You achieve that hurdle and you are half way there.

Robert Paul Hudson