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Sick Angle

I know this is a bit off topic but based on the assumption that you all were
first "fish" people and then grew into "plant" people like myself, I think
this is the best body to ask.  So thanks for bearing with me.

I have a sick standard Angle fish in a South American tank, 40 Gallons, 60
watts of light, 78 degrees, Amazon Swords, Crypts, Bocopia, and some Grey
Green String Algae.  It is populated with three Angles, 6 corrys, 10
Pricella tetras, 1 SAE, and 1 clown pl*co.  Everyone is healthy except one
of the Angles.

This fish recently became listless, and its scales look roughed, Bubbles
from the filter stick to them, its eyes are also a bit cloudy.  I haven't
imported anything into this tank in 2 months....so Im not sure how this

Anyone have an idea of what is affecting my angle?  I fear she is a doomed
but I would like to treat the tank to rid myself of the plague. Any help is
greatly appreciated.  Thanks

Jim DeAngelo, CFM 
Dewberry & Davis LLC
8401 Arlington Boulevard
Fairfax, VA 22031 

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