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Re: Buletin Board - or -What's in Site for Aquaria

Omar Khatib Wants to know:

> What do I need to do to get people to use my Bulletin
> Board? It's free.

Part of what it takes is for everyone to know about it. 
Another part is folks having enough time and interest to
participate.  There are a lot web sites to choose from,
lots of mailing lists and bulletin boards.

"Repeat business" depends on 
1)the mix of users and 
2)having more Q and A than brawls -- Which probably is a
function of 1) more than anything else.  

For planted tanks, APD is one of the best, imo.  

Aquabotanic's ( http://www.aquabotanic.com/boards/index.php
is very nice too. Jared has a very nice site (
http://www.brainyday.com/jared/aquarium/info.htm ), but
without the mail features.  Not to mention the TheKrib.com
(the Godfather of internet aquarium info -- in a nice way,
I mean) and George and Karla Booth's planted aquarium site
( http://www.frii.com/~gbooth/AquaticConcepts/ ), which has
probably caused more CO2 and heating cables to be bought
than any store or any other site.  And the venerable Neil
Frank had (has?) a site but I don't know if it's still up
(can anyone help me out here?).  

There are others, dozens and dozens of others, and now, I
guess, one more.  Welcome -- but it won't be easy.

On the other hand, Karen Randall, Paul Krombholz, Roger
Miller, Tom Barr and a quite a few others have yet to
organize sites of their own, afaik.  More's the pity but
maybe someday :-)

And don't even get me started on hardcopy publication!

Scott H.

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