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Moss Flora of India

I'm wondering if anyone can offer an opinion.....regarding the natural
distribution of the aquatic mosses we maintain in our aquariums.

We grow at least three different types of moss -
Fontinalis antipyretica, which is pretty much global in distribution, at
least in the northern hemisphere (North America and Europe at least);
Vesicularia dubyana, described as originating from southeast Asia;
"Christmas Moss", the exact identity of which and its natural source and
distribution remains a mystery (at least to me - if anyone _really_ knows,
they aren't talking).

I've come across a book - BRUEHL, P.: A census of Indian Mosses with
analytical keys to the genera, which I'm thinking might be helpful in
tracking down some possible suspects. The book isn't all that expensive, but
I'm wondering how useful it might be.

How different (and endemic) is the flora of India as compared to the flora
of the rest of southeast Asia? Might this book have some useful information
regarding the identity of "Christmas Moss"? I realize that if the plant is
found growing in India, it certainly won't be listed as Christmas Moss, but
a match might be possible using the keys included in the book.

Any thoughts?

James Purchase