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Re: Lighting - and measuring

Anthony Kostichka pointed out:

>> Re:   30 gallon, 24inches long, 18 inches deep, 12
> wide.
> >  It's a freshwater planted tank, and I'm
>> if  . . .

> The measurements for the tank don't add up to 30
> (LxWxH/231 =
> gallons). 

The nominal size of aquariums is usually only a rough
approximation of their actual volume -- which is one more
thing that makes the watts per gallon rule(s) sloppy. 

Depending on whether the stated measurements are
approximate or precise, inside or outside dimensions, this
particular tank is probably *nominally* 20 - 25 gallon
tank, and probably holds about 18-20 gallons of water. 
It's not exactly a size that All-glass or Perfecto make,
but there are other tank makers out there and who knows
what nominal size they call their tanks?

Anyhow, given the stated dimensions, a 1x55 could be
adequate, especially if you use an AH Supply reflector and
won't be adding CO2.  If you decide to add CO2 later, you
could add another light then (36, 40, or 55 watts).

Scott H.

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