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Re: Lighting with PC 55s on a 30 (?) gallon tank

Michael Gerhardt siad, in part:

"> I would suggest that you get 2 1x55 setups.  It would
> about 25 bucks but
> this allows you to control the lamps independently...  If
> you are worried
> about the 2 55s being overkill you could go with a 55 and
> a 36....Its only
> money..hehe

Good point.  One nice thing about the AH Supply 1x55watt
kits is that they (i.e., the ballasts) work well with 36,
40, and 55 watt bulbs.  So you have some built in
flexibility there ranging from 72 - 76 - 80 -91 - 95 - 110
watts.  If you don't like one combo, save one bulb for an
emergency spare and try a new combo.

Scott H.

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