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Long black algae is sucking the life out of me

Hi Everyone,

            My planted tank was going very good and then my girlfriend
started leaving the window blind up without me knowing it. I soon started to
get this algae that is black and grows in very distinct long hairs. I've let
some grow and they have reached  upwards of 3-4 inches long. When they are
short (<1 inch) you can not rip them off. When they are longer you can break
them off but the base still remains. In the water it feels like coarse hairs
and outside of the water it feels extremely slimy. It grows only on the
plants (mainly on the edges of the leaves) and once it starts growing the
leaf it is on will die. It's wiped out half of my tank already. I pruned all
the leaves that were infected on Friday (which was half my plants).
Yesterday all the other leaves were now covered. That's 3 days!! Any idea
how to get rid of this type of algae or what it thrives in? I have <5 PPM
nitrates, <1 PPM phosphates, 3 watts/per gallon of fluorescent lighting, DIY
C02 and a UV sterilizer. My lighting was high in the blue spectrum but is
now high in the green/yellow. It's seemed to have slowed down a tiny bit.