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Luo Han Lady Bears Quints

Hey Loh,

What else can you catch besides your average piscine fertility symbol? One 
of my friend shas a dozen of these things (typical trendy Singaporean 
woman), I told her having so many will result in her having quintuplets 
(she's preggy). All I heard was a gasp on the other end of the line. I 
wonder what the threat of too much good luck will bring?

>Hi, folks,
>If you remember, I posted a story here sometime ago, about
>a hybrid fish known as a Flower Horn (commonly known as
>Luo Han in Singapore) which single-finnedly rejuvenated the
>local aquaria scene.  The ubiquitous Luo Han has completely
>dominated the market.  Last time I heard, some fish shops
>are selling their Neon Tetras as food for Luo Hans.  Incredible!!
>Hardly a week goes by without a stupid Luo Han story appearing
>in the press.  Those guys are really making sure the craze stays
>around for a long time more.  The fish supposedly brings good
>fortune and prosperity to its owner.  Well, all I can say is that,
>if you believe this, you'll believe anything.  The only people I
>know who are getting really prosperous are the ones selling the
>For the latest Luo Han story, please click on:
>So you thought your Macaquarium was a big deal, eh?
>Loh K L

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