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Re: Snail Problem -- When snails encroach, get a loach

Thomas Zaccone has tried chemical treatments to get rid of
snails and found that loaches dig up his humus.

Nothing I've seen is more thorough or safer to use than
loaches.  Add a few clown loaches to your tank and the
snails will be gone.  Even the ones that hide during the
day in the substrate will all be gone in a month or so.

I can't imagine clown loaches digging so deep into the
gravel that they would disturb a layer of humus layered
several inches below.  Did you bury the humus or just mix
it with the gravel?  You might try burying it if you tear
down and rebuild.

Best way to avoid snail problems without resorting to
loaches is to treat your plants before introducing them to
your tanks.  Lime-it is supposed to work great.  You can
get it at Aquabotanic and ThatPetPlace, among other places.

Scott H.

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