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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #314

Hello Eric:

Thanks for the info Eric. These lamps have an ordinary screw fitting. Is
this normal with mercury lamps?

> Jacques asked: >Could someone comment on the suitability, or lack thereof,
> of the Osram HWL (MBTF) E27 mercury tungsten blended lamp for aquarium use?
> What is its spectral output in Kelvins? How about radiated heat?
> I searched Osram/Sylvania's website but could not locate the lamp you are
> asking about. My guess though is that these lamps will work provided you can
> find out what ballast they require. Because they use mercury, they may
> produce a blue-green colored light. You did not say what wattage they are
> but HID lamps tend to run fairly hot anyway. If water splashes on them they
> can shatter. There is also some concern about UV radiation. A shield is
> normally used with these lamps to address these concerns. There's a fair
> amount of information about this type of lighting in the marine sector.
> Eric