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Re: Osram HWL (MBTF) E27 lamps?

Jacques asked: >Could someone comment on the suitability, or lack thereof, 
of the Osram HWL (MBTF) E27 mercury tungsten blended lamp for aquarium use? 
What is its spectral output in Kelvins? How about radiated heat?

I searched Osram/Sylvania's website but could not locate the lamp you are 
asking about. My guess though is that these lamps will work provided you can 
find out what ballast they require. Because they use mercury, they may 
produce a blue-green colored light. You did not say what wattage they are 
but HID lamps tend to run fairly hot anyway. If water splashes on them they 
can shatter. There is also some concern about UV radiation. A shield is 
normally used with these lamps to address these concerns. There's a fair 
amount of information about this type of lighting in the marine sector.


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