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Re: Eheim runs dry -- or rubbing eheim the right way

Daphne suggested a coat hanger and a brush to clean tubes,
and said, in part:

> Be sure and wrap the end of the coat hanger
> though the loop of
> the brush securely so the end doesn't stick out and make
> it tight.  If you
> don't, the coat hanger will come off and leave the brush
> stuck in the hose
> or the coat hanger end will hang on the hose and gouge
> long places out of
> it.  You'll never guess how I know both of these.

 I gotta stick with my suggestion for weed whacker nylon
cord.  You can get in in any of several thicknessness, so
you can choose the stiffness/pliability you need to get
through the turns and elbows in your tubing.  For
reasonably straight runs, you can go for several hundred
feet, in case you filter tubing is so long that it ends
somewhere over the rainbow.  Nylon cord won't gouge the
tubing, especially if you pull the brush through instead of

One way to connect the brush:  bend a loop in the brush end
and the cord and crimp the cord loop with a metal ring --
or glue and let cure.

Just walk into any Home Depot, wave a credit card in the
air, and shout, my weed whacker needs more of the string
stuff that cuts the weeds.  Someone is sure to help you.  

Daphne, be careful with coat hangers, you'll put your eye

Scott H.

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