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What's the dirt on dirt?

Actually soil. Is anybody using it? I have been reading Walstad's treatise
on the planted aquarium, and I was wondering if anyone has used and tested
her theories extensively.

RE:   How do you clean out the hoses?  They're long and
filled with dirt.  Super, super long brushes?

Anyone have that "priming aid" thing?  It's the
L-shaped device.  I hate sucking on the hose.  problem
is I can't seem to find the thing.

Thanks again, Cavan

I use a regular hose brush, but I take a rigid piece of wire and run that
thru the hose first. Then I hook the loop end of the brush's handle and I
can pull it all the way thru and get the hose clean easily. I only do it a
couple times a year though, as there is nitrifying bacteria film lined in
the hoses it seems.
Tom Farrell