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GH Change Over Time

Hi all,

Since I am never sure I really have this whole GH-KH-CO2 thing down, I have 
a question about the GH part of it. Our water here in Forest Grove is 
generally very soft - GH = 1 or 2, depending on which water source we are 
hooked up to.  I add Seachem Equilibrium to bring the GH up to about 4. I do 
this hoping my crypts and lotus won't melt, and vals will grow. What I am 
wondering is, should I see a GH drop using a standard test kit (2 drops = 
1dH) over the course of a week? I would assume you would, if the plants are 
using the Ca and Mg. If it doesn't drop, then what is the point of adding it 
at all? Is there a lower limit below which the plants can't use it?

If you're curious, I've been adding it for some time now and my crypts grow 
a little better - now they melt after putting out 5 leaves instead of 3. I 
accidentally killed the lotus. Vals are growing well.


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