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Re: C. japonica and KCl update

john wheeler <jcwheel76 at yahoo_com> wrote:
> > Several months ago, I inquired about the effect of
> > potassium chloride on C. japonica shrimp as a
> possible cause of their deaths. I was dosing potassium
> > chloride and every shrimp that I added before died
> > in less than a week. I had a couple of e-mail
> discussions with people that had clear evidence that
> > KCl kills the shrimp and with people that said it
> > couldn't possibly be harmful.
> You know, Alex, et al, I have said this before and was
> corrected by people who I believe are more educated
> than I in this arena, but the evidence is strong for
> our case. Let me ask another question to Alex and
> others who have been experiencing this.
> Did you use an agro grade KCl off the shelf of a
> hardware store or home center. That's what I used,
> specifically Espoma brand. Once again I have not had
> problems with shrimp death since switching to K2SO4. I
> wonder if there is some toxin or metal in that mix
> that could cause problems.

Hmm...interesting. Yes, I did use the Muriate of Potash that I bought from a
gardening store. The brand was called Glorious Gardens. I guess this brand
is sold in the Midwest. But the KCl looks clean compared to the way others
have described theirs. It's not red with iron compounds. So does anyone have
any insight as to what in the fertilizer might be killing the shrimp, or if
it's the KCl itself?
Alex R
pcalex (at) hotpop.com