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Re: Probably impossible, but...not even a million points of light

snowcat24 at juno_com said:
> Actually, if you were to enclose the lamp in a parabolic
> reflector and
> use a few "trick" mirrors, you could probably get a
> rather concise light
> source.

Even if you finally redirected and focused the light to a
small spot, the phase differences caused by the variations
in distances traveled by the various ight waves would
produce an awful lot of phase distortion.  The visual
effect would still be a diffuse illumination and softened
shadows, although brighter in a smaller area.

>  Trouble is, by the time you've gone through the
> trouble and
> expense, have you really saved any time or money by
> avoiding going with a
> normal point light source...

But would it be more fun?  ;-)

Scott H.

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