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Help needed - jornal article

I'm hoping that someone with access to a good University Library can help me
locate something. I am trying to track down an article by R.M.T. Dahlgren
which appeared in The Biological Journal of the Linnean Society way back in
1980. The full citation of the article is:
"Dahlgren, R. M. T.  1980.  A revised system of classification of the
angiosperms.  Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 80: 91-124."

Libraries I have checked locally (here in Toronto) do not have this
particular journal dating back that far (1980). I have contacted the
publishers of the Journal and they tell me that no longer have a copy of the
issue available.

I would gladly pay any costs associated with photocopying and mailing of a
copy of this particular article (complete).

The reason I am looking for this is the fact that C.D.K. Cook, in his book
"Aquatic Plants" bases his classification of aquatic angiosperms on
Dahlgren's 1980 scheme, as published in the article. I have been unable to
track down another source which gives a complete breakdown of just how
Dahlgren divided up the flowering plants (i.e. circumspection of the various
families) and there appears to be enough differences between how Dahlgren
saw things and how they were viewed by other workers (like Cronquist or
Thorne) that make it impossible to substitute their circumspections for his.

Why is this important? I guess that's a matter of opinion, but my interest
was triggered when looking at Cook's listing of aquatic plants of the world.
He lists 87 families of vascular plants containing 407 genera of plants
which have members that can be thought of as aquatic. For each family
listed, Cook gives the total number of genera within it and the number of
genera containing aquatics. Even a cursuory comparison of the numbers listed
for "total # of genera" of the various families in Cook with other sources
(based on other classification schemes, for example the database at RBG Kew)
shows that Dahlgren's circumspection of families differed from that of
others. Different botanists placed certain plants in different families. I'd
just like to have the source document available to me for a proper

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


James Purchase