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Re: Types of Reverse Osmosis membranes

Hi Larry,

Straight from the web pages of Kent Marine:

Q:  What is the difference between TFC and CTA?

A:  TFC stands for Thin Film Composite. TFC units can be used on municipal
and well water systems. This type of unit comes in 10, 24, 50, 100, and 450
Gallons Per Day. TFC units will remove up to 98% of all contaminates. CTA
stands for Cellulose Triacetate. CTA units can only be used on chlorinated
water systems. These filters are recommended for good drinking water as well
as aquarium use. They come in 10, and 20 GPD. They will remove 95% to 98% of
most contaminates, but are poor at nitrates which is 50% to 70%.

The GPD the unit will produce in your home is dependent on three factors.
#1- All R/O units are rated for their output water at a pressure of 65
PSI(pound per square inch). The lower the water pressure, the less water
produced. #2- If your Total Dissolved Solids are above 200 ppm, you will see
a decrease in water output. #3- Low water temperature, below 60 degrees f,
will restrict the membrane and reduce water output.


Victor Eng