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Re: NO3 and NH4 and algae

Thomas Barr, in an informative response regarding plants
out-competing aglae for nutrients said, in part:
> (b) the algae growth is inhibited indirectly due to the
> > plants out competing the algae because the component
> added increase
> > growth response of plants or
> I've said this many times, there's not competition
> because the nutrients in
> the water column have an equal opportunity to interact
> with the algae or the
> plants. Everything is there for for the algae and the
> plants. The algae are
> not "limited" by lack of nutrients, there's plenty to be
> had for the algae
> and the plants. When plant production drops off, then you
> get algae.
> The key is keeping plant production going at a good rate.

I understand why you say it is not competition the
mechanism, but can you say (more on) what the mechanism is?

Scott H.

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