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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #302

J. T. Fitch asked about algae and Guanadine:

>Gradually, I noticed that the algae was receding.  Not just back to the
>status ante quo, but, in a month or so, it had completely vanished!  For a
>long time, I would occasionally find one or two of those gray fur balls
>down around the glosso and hair grass, but now even those have
>disappeared.  Furthermore, there isn't even any green algae on the
>glass --absolutely none.

You used to have bad "green dust / spot algae like me too, didn't you?

>" My feeling is that (b) is the most likely here, with (a) a runner up
>and (c) the least likely. Further studies should be able to easily
>rule out (c) fairly easily (i.e. no plants in the tank and see if any
>algae grows under "ideal" algae conditions)."
>I would be interested in other people's opinions.  Thanks.

I too have been a satisfied beta-tester of the new Flourish products -- I 
have gone from horrible green-spot / dust algae to ABSOLUTELY NONE since I 
began using the products.

I have always just figured it was because I was dosing much less than my 
rather imprecise "pinch" of powdered KNO3 and K2PO4.  I email Greg several 
times to report I have seen an immense decrease in all forms of alga in my 

I imagine that there are many other APDers on here that have been quietly 
enjoying the benefits of these secret products for months!!

My plant growth has also been fantastic, especially some of the harder to 
grow species.


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