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Mystery pond plant ID

I picked this one up two months ago from a pond.  It
has dark green alternate leaves that lay flat along
the surface and grow from a pencil thick stem that is
rooted at some point (roots at nodes).  It grows out
across the water from the edge of the pond and looks a
lot like a clipped off branch from an ash tree.  When
I grew it at home, it grew up and out of the water
after a while.  I propagated it but I'm not sure I can
get credit for it for my club's AHAP program if I
don't know what it is.  

A friend of mine took a digital photo of it at our
club meeting that will be sent back to me soon so I
can e-mail it to anyone who might be able to give an
ID.  If you might be able to help, please let me know
and I'll send it to you.

Thanks, Cavan

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