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Re: Algae--Microsopes and computer images or intel.Play

Diana Berberich sugesteed the Intel Play QX3 computer
microscope that is usually on backorder from Amazon:

>. . .It costs about $90.00 and for
> aquarists uses would be excellent.  At work we could
> view our pixel array on a micro imaging screen the
> size of a postage stamp.  If anyone can find it for
> less than $90.00 without backordering it let me know. 
> Amazon had it for $60.00 and has had it on back order
> for a year now (back order must mean "Good Luck, cause
> you won't get it for that price ever agian.").

Try here.  Can't swear it's in stock, but the site says
that it is it is, and for less than $60, including


Scott H.

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