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heat from lighting

I have three 29G tanks running with the original Eclipse3 light fixtures (2
T-8 20W bulbs) and a separate GE stick-on 33W gro light--net 73 watts
standard fluorescent lights, no reflectors worth the name; with heaters
unplugged, and those lights on for 10 hrs/day my tanks are 82-84 degrees in
a 74-76 degree room (summer temps) (The Eclipse hoods have no significant
vents.)  Those temps are ok for the loaches and chromides, but too high for
the goldfish (and maybe for the cabomba that used to thrive in that

If I switch to the AH supply 55W compact fluorescent fixtures with their
reflectors, am I likely to get equivalent or better lighting with less heat
to the tank?

Would deep-sixing the Eclipse3 all-in-one system and going to a glass hood
with AH lights above the glass give me any further temperature benefit?

I'm trying to avoid the noise and additional energy use from fans....but
don't want to cook my goldfish.  One of them has been pretty punky since
the heat really hit....

Has anyone made this switch and noticed a temperature change?

Thanks for any and all input to help us all "chill out".

Diane Brown
St. Louis