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Re: Oedogonium

> I've been plagued with fuzz algae (oedogonium)on my sword plant and
> Valisneria. It's been growing on some other plants too, but not as severe.
> I've been keeping my Fe levels up and NO3- at 5-10ppm. I think all my
> nutrient levels are where they should be, and from what I have read I won't
> out compete the oedogonium.

And your CO2 levels are? Always check that and check this first when the
lights first come on AM and when they first go off PM. Compare to the chart
and see. Adding K is the other issue. But this type of algae is presence
generally when something is fairly off and either NO3/CO2/NH4 etc.
SAE is particularly effective as a herbivore for this algae genus.
Keep up on these parameters and it should go away after some pruning, good
nutrition etc. SAE's will certainly help.
Tom Barr