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Re: Aquarium Pharmaceuticals First Layer Pure Laterite

I used this in my 90 gallon tank without any problems. It comes in 20 and 55 
oz. packages, and recommends using one ounce per gallon of tank volume. You 
start with an empty tank. Rinse the Laterite off a couple times. I used a 
colander. Then evenly spread the laterite on the bottom of the tank. Then add 
gravel to a depth of one inch. then using your hand, mix the laterite and the 
gravel and even out. Then add the remainder of the gravel over the 
gravel/laterite mix. Add your water and you are done. I've never had any bad 
cloudiness that wasn't gone by the next morning. Seems to help with gravel. 
Probably unnecessary in Flourite.

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