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Hair algae removal

I've been reading old Krib postings, so many that I have been printing them
and reading them at night after the kids have gone to bed. Now I'm back
asking the group for advise.

I've been plagued with fuzz algae (oedogonium)on my sword plant and
Valisneria. It's been growing on some other plants too, but not as severe.
I've been keeping my Fe levels up and NO3- at 5-10ppm. I think all my
nutrient levels are where they should be, and from what I have read I won't
out compete the oedogonium.

I have cutting val leaves that are covered, cutting off sword leaves that
have it, pinching off marsilea leaves with it, etc. Oto's seem to be
interested in it. I've watched them on a leaf with fuzz algae, but I still
see it when they leave. I'm not sure they eat much of it, and if they do
them I'm in real trouble because I means I have a lot more than I know of!

I've been searching all the LFS around for SAE's with no luck. Someone is
going to check around the Boston area next week on their vacation.

My plants are growing well, so I could keep pinching and cutting, but the
fuzz algae seems to keep pace.

I could pull plants and bleach, but from what I understand, I have to go
through the whole tank including substrate. Dipping some plants doesn't seem
too bad, but having to do everything does.

If the theory is, that I can't eliminate all together, then what should I
do? Should I cast my lot with the SAE's, otos, snails, cutting and pinching?
Or do the bleach adherence, think I should try to wipe it out altogether by
treating all plants and equipment and doing quarantine time on each?

I hate to open up a volatile topic again, but all the info I'm reading bring
me to a stalemate. Can someone convince me in a course of action please?

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