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Re: Laterite -- Flourite -bottoms up or not?

john wheeler said, in part:
> Now, I know that Flourite and Onyx are a *bit* on the
> pricey side, but fear not. You can cut yout expense in
> half or more by "capping" your Flourite with blasting
> grit. Just lay about an inch of Flourite on the
> bottom, just like laterite except without the gravel
> mixed in, and make the rest of your substrate gravel.
> Any plant that needs it will get to the good stuff and
> you'll have more money for TMG, Flourish, etc. 

Is your blasting grit more attractive than Flourite that you wouldn't
use the Flourite to cap the Blasting grit -- or maybe mix the two?  I
doubt that the plants will care, but visually the choices make big
differences, no?

With replantings, you'll eventually get a lot of mixing anyhow -- how
much visually effect from the mixing depending on the ratios.

Scott H.

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