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Salt and plants?

Hello :) I am pretty new to fish and even more new to planted tanks. All of 
my fish are betta splendens, and three of my females are in a planted ten 
gal. tank. I don't have much lighting, so I have java moss, java fern, and 
Anyway, my question is about salt . I put 1 teaspoon of salt in with every 
gallon I do for water changes. (I used to do 1/2 a teaspoon but I have 
doubled it, since my fish have had a few health problems lately- they have 
gotten some bad tears in their fins, and one has jumped ou) It helps my 
fish, but I've also heard it's not very good for aquatic plants. Is this 
true? I was wondering, if that could by why my java moss is dieing. Because, 
I thought java moss was a good plant for tanks with low light?

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