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Re: First Layer Laterite

I'm using Substrate Gold in several of my tanks.  It has the same look 
and consistency of the much more expensive Dupla product and my 
VERY subjective impression is that the performance is the same.

The company was sold a couple of years ago though and a quick 
web search didn't turn up anything recent on it.  Does anyone know 
if Substrate Gold is still available?

Lyndle Schenck

There was a time when I thought the AP version was a good substitute for the
Dupla laterite. Then I discovered that the AP laterite is fired into hard,
relatively large granules. Doesn't make sense. Only the fine dust that comes
with them and the surface of those granules would be available for cation
exchange. The rest is locked away inside the granules. I'd recommend going
with Dupla and following their instruction regarding quantity.