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RE: Good CO2 check valve (was CO2 regulator problem)

Swagelok C-series Poppet Check Valves

After writing my previous post, I got to wondering why the Swagelok check
valve didn't work.  I bought a B-4C-1 poppet, with the 1 representing a 1
psi cracking pressure.  The 1 psi cracking pressure means 1 psi of CO2 will
open the valve and start the flow.  This valve has a reseal pressure of 6
psi back-pressure.  Meaning you need water coming back at 6 psi to re-seal
the poppet.  So I don't have enough(!) back-pressure to reseal the valve.
The next spring size up has a cracking pressure of 7 to 15 psi and a re-seal
pressure of 3 psi (forward pressure).  Seems like this should make a good
check valve for those of us who run our CO2 lines at high pressure (>15
psi).  This would be a B-4C-10 poppet.  At $16, it compares well to the M3
valve at $39.

Joe K in Takoma Park, Merryland