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	New growth in my dwarf sags and E. tennelus is
	showing signs of some kind of deficiency. Atleast
	thats what I think is causing the problem. 
	Take a look: http://www.aquaticscape.com/temp/sag_holes.jpg
	Any ideas what may be causing this?

	Tank inhabitants include SAEs, Ottos, C. japonica
	but I don't think that they're doing this.

	Dosing 3ml of PMDD daily, the tank size is 75G.
	I'm probably low on K, not dosing any 
	KNO3. I get enough nitrates from the fish and the
	ratio of K in K2SO4 probably isnt enough.

	New leaves on both these plants also have a slight
	transparent look, very slight.
	Any ideas?