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Re: Antibiotics

>Spoke at length today with a Pathologist regarding the potential treatment
>of my tetra mouth fungus problem. The first question I was asked was if the
>bacteria I was trying to treat was  gram negative or gram positive. The
>advice I got was that if you identify a gram negative bacteria you are
>wasting your time with amoxicillin ( AKA maracyn ). Recommended for gram
>negative bacteria was a sulpha based antibiotic. I was told the most
>effective way to treat gram negative bacteria was with Ciprofloxin. Being
>almost sure that I have an issue with Columnaris ( Gram Negative ) I am
>going to treat some of the remaining fish with some Cipro as a test. ( Don't
>throw out those unused presciptions )


I don't mean to rain on your parade but are you sure that's a good idea?
Isn't Cipro a fairly recently released anti biotic?  Human beings can still
depend on Cipro to work for them when they get sick because it is not yet
as abused by farmers and livestock owners as so many are.  Why expose such
an important antibiotic to such mundane bacteria?   Arn't there other

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