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Re: Lighting advice

> Dan wrote:
> My first post here... I'm planning a 30 gal X-High assorted community
> tank that I hope to set up by October, and I have some pieces already
> in
> place.  I feel a bunch of questions coming on.  Let me lead off with
> this one:
> I have a glass strip cover with a dual fluorescent strip and, keeping
> in
> mind that my aquarium is 24 inches deep and I would like to grow a
> roster of plants including melon swords, ambulia, and valisneria   I
> definitely need some new bulbs for this older dual strip and I'm
> considering my options.  I've read good things about Triton lamps and
> other lamps like Vita-Life bulbs.  Would I be wise to try two
> different
> bulbs in my dual strip to vary the quality of light or is that not my
> best bet?

I don't know what the front to back measurement is, but if the strip is
a dual light strip intended for T12s (like an Allglass or perfect dual
light strip) you can remove the sockets and put in two 55 watt PCs with
an externally mounted ballast --- a respectable amount of light.  Or
you can leave in the sockets and get an external ballast to run twin 24
inch VHO bulbs for a total of 150 watts -- a lot of light on a 30
gallon tank.

I've put setups like this on a 29 gallon.

Hope that helps,
Scott H.

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