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Re: Tetra Mouth Fungus

Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear of your Tetra's fungus problems. In an effort to do something 
to try and resolve the situation, could you remove and quarantine them as a 
group? This will not only allow you to treat them without affecting the main 
tank or other fish, but this may also show you to what extent the disease is 
latent in the main tank whether or not other fish eventually contract this 
condition; hopefully not. Even if it does not affect the other fish 
visually, that doesn't mean that it is gone, but removing the fish that it 
likes to infect may subdue it enough that it won't "activate" again later.
I don't have experience with U V. sterilizers but I do know that parasites, 
such as Ich, can be transmitted through the water to another fish even when 
using these. The parasite, while free swimming, has a chance to make contact 
with another fish before it gets drawn through the sterilizer. The 
possibility/probability of this transmission is reduced with the use of a 
sterilizer but it is not eliminated. While I realize you are not dealing 
with parasites, the principle is the same.


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