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Re: CO2 regulator problem

Hi Shireen,

I don't have experience with the M3 brand of CO2 equipment but you may have 
a problem with the gage only. The regulator itself may be O.K.
What I would do to test this is plumb the six valve outlets into a jar of 
water using six pieces of tubing and weigh them down using a twist-tie wire 
and a small weight of some type. Open at least one valve. Attach the 
regulator to a either a full tank or a tank that still has a decent amount 
of CO2 left in it. Unscrew the regulator adjusting screw until you can't 
feel it pushing against the spring/diaphragm inside. Don't remove the screw. 
Slowly turn on the tank valve. The high pressure gage should read the tank 
pressure while the low pressure gage should read zero and you should see no 
bubbles in the jar of water. If this is the case and the low pressure gage 
reads something other than zero then the gage is defective (or stuck). If 
you are getting bubbles in the test jar then the regulator is defective.


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