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RE: CO2 regulator problem

Douglas Guynn said:
> You may have a gauge malfunction. You do 
> not say if the gauge reads 28 psig when 
> not attached to the cylinder. If so, replace 
> the gauge with one of the same range.

Hi Douglas, thanks very much for your response! The 28psi 

reading persists after I've taken it off the cylinder. So I think 

you're right about the gauge being defective. 

 This has really freaked me out. I absolutely adore my fish,

 and don't want any CO2 accidents that could harm them 

(fortunately, they're all fine). That's one of the reasons I 

shelled out extra $$$ for the highly-recommended M3 

system. Hopefully, this regulator problem was just an anomaly. 

> M3 should be willing to help you with any 
> of these issues.

Edward at M3 has been very helpful in the past. But I've

heard M3 has been real hard to contact recently. I tried 

calling but their voicemail box is full/not accepting messages.

There's a lot of info in the archives about CO2 dumping. What

other problems have people encountered? Please share, and 

educate the rest of us about things to watch out for....


Shireen Gonzaga
Baltimore, MD

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