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Re: CO2 eats acrylic -- has suction cup for desert?

Thomas Barr noted that:

> CO2 will eat up lower grade rubbers(Rio) but nice silicone suction
> cups are
> much less effected(Ebo jagers).

How right he is. In fact, sunlight (UV), ozone, and about a dozen other
things that normally occur in nature work away at low grade suction
cups.  Even the better ones can become stiff (a useless condition for a
suction cup) with age and exposure.  So it's no surprise that a mild
acid like carbonic acid can take its toll.

Technically, acrylic absorbs water, but if a lfs tells me that I
shouldn't use acrylic because it isn't waterproof, I'll smile politely
and back away.   :-)

Scott H.

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