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RE: Does CO2 eat acrylic?

>The owner of a LFS just told me that CO2 ruins acrylic tanks.  He says
>he was so informed by an acrylic tank supplier, and showed me some damage
>allegedly due to CO2. Is there any truth to this?
>David Brown

It doesn't sound like that would be possible, but I did notice that 
co2 can eat silicon/plastic suction cups. I was fooling around with a 
DIY diffuser and noticed several weeks after setting it up that the 
CO2 had eaten the suction cups almost completely. That was very 
weird. The suction cups were reduced to about 10% of what was 
originally there. So, that makes me wonder. It must be corrosive to 
some degree, but scary to think about acrylic being eaten away like 
that. Great question David.


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