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Re: Wiring new light system, need ideas

Ty wrote:

I am having a friend help me wire my new lighting sytem.  I am using
water-resistant endcaps and 5 T-8 lights with 2 electronic ballasts.
He knows lighting well and says he can wire up any design.  I'm
interested in any ideas or conveniences that will help me.  For
I know I want half of the lights to come on 30 min before the rest.  I
would also like to be able to turn off each light independently if I
to reduce the lighting level.  I have nice reflectors so this may be too
much light for what I want.  I know I also want a GFI.

Are there any other ideas I should consider?


It makes a big difference what type of ballast you have. Hopefully, you
have two 4 x 32 instant start ballasts. If that's the case you will be
able to turn individual lamps on and off as well as drive them at
various wattages. Just let me know which ballasts you have and the size
of your tank. The GFI is practically a necessity if you are going to do
anything unusual with the wiring or if you leave off the glass cover.
Even if everything is perfectly kosher I still think a GFI is a good