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Re: KH Drop

Jason wrote:

Okay, now we might be getting somewhere...When I was soaking the wood
about an inch of it was sticking out of the bucket and at one point I
something was growing on it, but I thought it was just algae.. I'll try
to remove
the wood and change out a bunch of water, but my guess is that it's
in the water now.. If that's the case, are there any
treatments I can use to get rid of the fungus without hurting my sword
(New tank, that's all I have in there right now other than a couple of
baby java ferns from
another tank)


You are probably getting some bad advice. It is very likely the Profile
that is causing the KH drop. Some batches of Profile are loaded with
acid and even nitrate and phosphate. If you search back through the
archives you will find quite a few posts on this subject. The fact that
Profile will do this is, for some reason, not accepted by many people on
this list. I suggest you do a simple test to prove it to yourself one
way or the other. Test the KH of your tap water, then add some tap water
to a container of Profile, wait a day or so then retest your KH. If the
KH drops it's the Profile.