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So.  What is the buffer agent in Acid Buffer?  Seachem's product adds a pink tint to the water.  I go through quite a bit of this stuff and if the pink is caused by a dye or filler I might try to find a source for the raw ingredients.

If I remember correctly, Discus Buffer is monosodium phosphate. PHOSPHATE.
Not good in significant quantities. Back when I was stupid, I used it in a
planted tank and could never understand why I had huge algae problems,
especially black brush - BBA. Seachem makes another product called Acid
Buffer that is not phosphate based. But unless you are trying to breed
Discus, not a good idea in a planted tank anyway, how do you KNOW that you
have a hardness problem? Discus can adapt to a very wide range of water
parameters, they just can't breed in all of them. The larger problem is the
mess they create from all that beefheart. I've asked several breeders to
convert their fish to Tetramin before shipping them to me, and they all
refused. "Oh, you can't feed -our- Discus mere flake food!"